Our Packaging

Most of our sales need to be sent by courier or post and responsible packaging is an essential part of our mission to reduce our environmental impact. We collect waste packaging from local businesses and reuse wherever possible. By doing so, we prevent these materials from ending up in landfills and give them a new life. Any boxes that don't fit our customers' orders are carefully shredded to create protective padding for future shipments. This way, we can maximise the utility of every piece of cardboard that comes through our doors.

Our packaging is plastic-free. If ever you find bubble wrap or packing peanuts in your parcel, rest assured these will have been reused too - we never buy plastic packaging but think it is better to reuse what we are given than to bin it. Reused packaging covers most of our needs but we do buy some boxes, which are made from FSC certified cardboard, ensuring that the materials used in their production come from responsibly managed forests. All our packing tape is made from
paper and easily recycled along with the cardboard boxes, allowing for a seamless recycling process. Or even better, we would love it if you could reuse our packaging again! By extending the lifespan of our packaging materials, we contribute to reducing waste and preserving resources together.

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