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Three Perfect Plastic Free Kitchen Ideas & Home Made Lemonade Recipe!

Three Perfect Plastic Free Kitchen Ideas & Home Made Lemonade Recipe!

Hello - how is your Plastic Free July going?  

We are continuing to come up with some ideas to swop out single use plastic in your kitchen.  If you, like me, occasionally end up with the odd fruit fly or other flying nuisance buzzing around your kitchen at this time of year, these ideas mean that your food is safely covered without needing to use plastic bags or single use plastic film.

Idea 1: Linen Produce Bags

Our set of three Linen Produce Bags is a great plastic-free alternative for storing fresh produce and dry goods.

Natural Linen Produce Bags  from the Garden Design by Helen Round

A naturally breathable material with antibacterial properties, linen is an ideal choice for food storage. The linen bag allows air to circulate, keeping your vegetables and leafy greens deliciously fresh.

Keep in the fridge, in a cupboard or on the worktop. We take ours along to the weekly farmer's market to fill with locally sourced goodies. Perfect for taking on holiday too!

Idea 2: Reusable Linen Bowl Covers

Reusable Linen Bowl Covers keep food fresh and look beautiful too. 

Each set of 3 handmade linen bowl covers is a great way to avoid single use plastics like cling film. They are made to fit bowls or jugs with diameters up to 18cm, 22cm and 30cm, or you can buy a super large version which fits bowls up to 46cm - perfect for party food.

Pop them in the fridge or as a cover for food that can be left on the worktop. They are designed to be used again and again and come in a lovely range of colours.  See the full collection here.

Bee Natural Reusable Bowl Covers Set of Three From The Honey Bee Collection by Helen Round

Idea 3: Linen Bread Bags

Perfect for storing loaves, rolls, delicious artisan breads and patisserie, this wonderful breathable Linen Bread Bag helps keep bread fresh for longer.

Duck Egg Blue Linen Bread Bag from the Garden Collection by Helen Round

By storing your bread in a linen bag you are allowing air to circulate and this helps to stop your bread developing mould. Just right for the home baker and for storing delicious artisan breads including sourdough and rye. Or turn the top down and use as a basket to serve your bread, rolls or pastries.

I hope you've found these suggestions helpful in finding ways to remove single use plastic from your kitchen during Plastic Free July.


Home Made Lemonade Recipe

I find that in the hot weather this refreshing lemonade is just delicious.  Cover any leftovers with one of our bowl covers, also useful for jugs, to stop the fruit flies descending.

Home Made Lemonade in Jug with Mint


  • 4 unwaxed lemons
  • 175g sugar
  • Ice Cubes
  • Mint to garnish (optional)


Chop 4 unwaxed lemons into chunks and blitz in a food processor with a handful of ice cubes, 100g of sugar and 500ml of water.  Strain through a sieve, put the lemon pulp back into the food processor with 75g of sugar, another handful of ice cubes and another 500ml of water.  Sieve and serve!

If you like your lemonade fizzy, simply replace plain water with sparkling water instead.


Plastic Free Kitchen Range

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