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Studio Playlist

Studio Playlist

helen round pure linen studio Not a singer in sight...but plenty of linen!!

Studio Playlist

We often have music playing in the studio….not always, but usually for part of the day. Often, when Meg and Hayley are sewing and I am screen printing, we bring up our favourite tunes on a Spotify playlist. A real eclectic mix of tunes which caters for all three of our tastes has been compiled into the ‘Studio Playlist’ and is something we all enjoy and have been known to sing along to. It does make me grin when they suggest tunes I was listening to in my 20's.......

On one particular occasion, it was one of those days in Cornwall where ‘mizzle’ (Cornish for light rain!) is all around…..Meg and Hayley were whizzing along on the machines, singing very loudly to The Proclaimers, 500 miles, in their very bad Scottish accents. Suddenly, I noticed the parcel deliveryman climbing the steps on his approach to the studio… oblivious to his presence, they continued to sing and were mortified when he opened the door and popped his head in to pick up the parcels! To make matters worse, he was new to the job and not used to our ‘peculiar’ ways….poor man!! Strangely….we haven’t seen him since!

We hope you enjoy this playlist as much as we do and are always on the look out for great tunes to sew to…so please do send over your suggestions…and when you next hear The Proclaimers, make sure you sing along…very loudly!!

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Got a favourite tune you think we should be listening to? Add it below or comment on our Facebook post....and we will give it a listen and maybe even add it to our Studio Playlist.

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