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Make Christmas Decorations from Fabric Scraps!

Make Christmas Decorations from Fabric Scraps!

I thought you might like to see these lovely home made Christmas decorations which were designed and made by Helaena, who joined our team recently for work experience.  Helaena has recently finished her degree in costume at Plymouth College of Art and we are really looking forward to welcoming her back to the studio soon as a member of the team.

We love creating opportunities for talented local people to come and work with us. We always learn from the questions they ask us and the fresh ideas they bring and they remind us why we do what we do!

As part of their induction into the team, we talk to new staff about why we “choose to reuse" as this is such an important part of our ethos.  We try really hard to reuse all packaging, any scrap materials and trimmings from the cloth as we cut.

Helen Round Fabric Scraps

We deliberately work with sustainable materials like linen and bamboo which both have great eco credentials.  Our linen and bamboo fabrics are Oeko-tex certified which means that it is made using people and planet friendly manufacturing processes, as well as being long lasting.

We also love to create products that use up the scraps from other products.  For example, we use off cuts from our bamboo fabric as a filling for our reusable Eco Sponge which is featured in Country Living this month. This wonderful little sponge will soon be available in our gorgeous duck egg blue linen too.  You heard it here first!

Helen Round Reusable Eco Sponge

Alongside buying scrap packs in various sizes, which can be plain or printed, you can also buy our fabric cut to order so that you can use it in your own projects. Our linen is a generous 150cm wide and is great for dressmaking, light upholstery, curtains and blinds.

 Helen Round Raspberry Red Linen Fabric

As part of her work experience, we asked Helaena to come up with some Christmas decorations, using our fabric scraps.  It gave us the opportunity to explain the creative process to her and allow her to work through it.

She put together some ideas in a workbook and then set about developing an approach to making them. 

Helaena's ornament designs

Then she made some concepts up and hung them on one of the trees outside the studio to see what they looked like!

Fabric Scrap Decorations on Christmas Tree

Ta dah!  I’m sure you’ll agree that these would make a great addition to any Christmas Tree and something easy to do at home, or with your children or grandchildren.

Why not make your own Christmas decorations this year?  

I’d love to see what you come up with and please share them on our Instagram or Facebook pages.. 

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