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Handmade Linen Face Masks

Handmade Linen Face Masks

Handmade Linen Face Masks

As the current crisis continues we realise how important it is to ensure, and protect, the ongoing availability of single-use medical-grade masks for our NHS staff and key workers. To do our part to help with this, we have designed an alternative linen, washable option for everyday use by the general public.

Designed using 2 layers of pure natural linen fabric, our protective face masks are machine washable at 60 degrees and help to reduce the spread of germs. Linen has anti-allergenic properties which means it is great for using preventively.


The lockdown measures we are facing have meant changes to the way we operate in the studio, but I feel very lucky to be continuing to run my business.

Many people in our area have lost their regular income due to the lockdown. As a result of the increase in demand for our new face masks, I have been able to offer work to those who have found themselves unemployed.


I asked them to share a few thoughts while making earlier today:

"Having the opportunity to work has give me a sense of normality and taken away some financial pressures.

It's really nice to be able to speak to other people 'face to face' rather than over Zoom. The spacious studio allows us to adhere to social distancing measures while we work and chat.

It's great to be back into a routine and have some structure in my day and I love it that the work is so local, meaning I can walk to and fro.

It feels worthwhile to be working and supporting a local business at the same time."

I'm enormously grateful to have a few extra pair of hands to help keep up with the orders.


The linen masks fit well on the face and can be adjusted to fit both adults and children (age 4 and up), to view all the colours please click here.

Once we have caught up with our online orders we plan to make and donate a number of face masks for those continuing to work in our local shops. The shops in our village have remained a lifeline to many so we'd like to do all that we can to keep workers safe and well.

Linen-Face-MasksTo order your Linen Face Mask, please click here.

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