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Screen printing

Screen printing

Hand Printed Linen Homeware

Catch a glimpse behind the scenes at our Cornish studios in this short film.

This is where we print the beautiful linen that goes to make up our fabulous collection of lampshades and cushions, toiletry and make up bags, bread bags, tea towels, aprons and more.

You'll often find us gathered around the cutting table to brainstorm new ideas... choose new colours for our linen cloth, discuss new products for our collections and flick through the glossies to see what's trending.

It's a hive of activity and we thought you'd like to be part of it! All of our hand printed linen collections are made with upmost care and we take pride in creating pieces which are beautifully made and will last. Having a business based in Cornwall, we try, wherever possible to employ local people and use local materials in our production. 

Every now and then we spot a few imperfections in our hand-printing. These pieces don't make it into our final selection, so we’ve added them to our sale; a great opportunity to buy slight seconds at significantly reduced prices.
Find out more in the video below:

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