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Discover Our Range Of Linen Bowl Covers - An Eco Friendly Way To Cover Food

Discover Our Range Of Linen Bowl Covers - An Eco Friendly Way To Cover Food

Many of us are looking for a greener way to live which limits our use of harmful plastic, that degrades so slowly, and causes damage to our environment. 

Our Reusable Linen Bowl Covers are designed with sustainability in mind, to offer an alternative to the use of single-use plastic food wrap, like cling film and saran wrap in the kitchen.

We offer a set of three bowl covers, a large party size bowl cover and a set of 10 small bowl covers for bowls, jars and jugs.

Do Something Drastic, Cut The Plastic

Our Approach

Our ethos at Helen Round has always been to craft beautiful hand-made, sustainable products that we could all find useful in our lives and help to support our community and our planet.

We hope that our products will encourage behaviour change, reducing waste as much as possible by creating sustainable alternatives, like our Reusable Bowl Covers.

We seek out low impact materials.  Our 100% linen fabric, used in our reusable bowl covers and many other products, carries the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification which means the manufacture process is free from harmful chemicals. For the last 8 years, we have worked closely with a small European family business from whom we source our linen. Linen comes from the flax plant; it requires no extra water, apart from rainwater and no pesticides to grow a crop, every part of the flax plant is used!

Duck Egg Blue Linen Roll from the Studio at Helen Round

In our Cornish studios, we use a traditional artisan printing technique to hand print our designs onto the linen fabric using food safe, water-based inks.

Helen Round Screen Printing in the Studio

The print is dried and then fixed using a heat process, powered by solar panels, which allows the linen to be fully washable. It is then sewn into products by our team of clever makers.

The Story Behind Our Bowl Covers

The Original Selection

We started by producing a set of three washable linen bowl covers suitable for different sized bowls with diameters up to 18cm, 22cm and 30cm.  

Sage Green Linen Reusable Bowl Covers, Set of Three from the Garden Collection at Helen Round

Each elasticated bowl cover stretches over the bowl, covering the food, which can be left on the side, or in the fridge.

Not only do they look beautiful, but they are also practical, covering food and helping to keep food fresh.  The linen breathes, unlike plastic or silicone, and because they are washable they can be used over and over again. 

Mustard Linen Reusable Bowl Covers, Set of 3 from the Hedgerow Collection at Helen Round

Our bowl covers are delivered plastic free, they are wrapped in eco packaging, which is biodegradable.

Bee Bowl Covers, Set of Three in Compostable Paper Packaging

Our original 100% linen set of three Natural coloured Bowl Covers, hand printed with our Garden Design was soon joined by Duck Egg Blue and Sage Green options.

We also offer Mustard and Cornish Slate Grey Linen sets in the Hedgerow Design, a Dark/Blue and Natural Nautical Stripe and our very popular Bee Set from the Honey Bee Collection.

Go Large with A Party Size!

After enquiries for a bowl cover which could be used for parties and family gatherings – covering food like green salads, potato salads and pasta dishes - we decided to “go large”. 

Duck Egg Blue Large Reusable Linen Bowl Cover with Mustard Tea Towel and Wooden Salad Servers

We’ve always been keen to think big and our recently launched large bowl cover stretches to cover bowls, serving dishes and casseroles of up to 45cm diameter!

Large Bee Reusable Bowl Cover from the Honey Bee Collection by Helen Round

Our lovely, generous, large bowl cover stretches over large bowls and other shapes and sizes, keeping food covered while out on the table, in the garden for a barbeque, in the fridge or while transporting. It helps to keep bugs, flies, dust, and sand out of your food!

Striped Large Reusable Bowl Cover with Bread Dough, from the Striped Collection by Helen Round

It’s also great for bread making, particularly letting dough rise, since the linen is breathable and for marinades or soaking fruit for cakes, and for mousses, and other puddings, helping to keep contents covered.

Purchased as singles, our large bowl covers are available to match or co-ordinate with our sets of three, in Natural, Sage Green and Duck Egg Blue with the Garden Design, Bee Design from the Honey Bee Collection, Hedgerow Design in Slate Grey and in Dark Blue/Natural Nautical Stripe from our Striped Collection.

 Review for Duck Egg Blue Reusable Large Bowl Cover in the Garden Design from Helen Round


Reusable Small Linen Bowl Covers for Jars

We are particularly proud of these small linen bowl covers.  We've used fabric offcuts from larger projects, which allows us to reduce fabric waste, while making practical, beautiful products. 

Linen Reusable Jar Covers Made from Fabric Off Cuts by Helen Round

You have the confidence of knowing that they are sustainable, with each pack containing an assorted range of 10 colourful covers, with no two packs exactly alike. 

I find them useful for covering all sorts of ramekins, tiny bowls, jam jars and jugs, I've even put them over glasses of home-made lemonade.  They stretch from 5cm - 11cm wide (2-4 1/4 inches) and can be used for covering food on the worktop or in the fridge.  Because they are washable, they can be used again and again.

Linen Jar Covers Covering Jam Jars, Bowls and Ramekins

 Fabulous For Fermenting

I recently attended a fermenting course which introduced me to Kefir, Miso and Kombucha making and I've found these small bowl covers invaluable to keep my creations covered!

 Kefir and Kombucha Jars covered with Small Linen Jar Covers from Helen Round

The elastic holds the fabric taut and because linen is breathable, the air can still circulate, which encourages the fermentation process to progress.  These sweet, washable covers also make a great alternative to single use plastic and silicone.

Each beautiful, breathable linen cover can be easily placed on a jar, jug, bowl, dish or glass, with the elastic hem holding the fabric taut so that your food or drink is covered, while allowing air to circulate.

Great for jam or chutney preserves, for fermenting, particularly Kombucha, Kefir, Kimchi and Sauerkraut or for covering glasses or jugs of cocktails or even home-made lemonade.

Assorted Linen Jar Covers from Helen Round

Made from hand printed linen fabric, left over from larger projects, each jar cover helps us make best use of fabric, reducing waste.  Each pack will contain a range of colours and designs, with no two packs identical!

Five Star Review of Reusable Linen Jar Covers from Helen Round

We think they look simply great and are so practical.  I'm sure you will simply love them and find them endlessly useful.

I hope this quick run down of the different options available to you in our Reusable Bowl Covers Collection has helped you to understand a little more about them and their uses.  They are one of our best selling products and we are delighted that so many people have chosen to ditch plastic for a more sustainable solution for covering all things in bowls, jars and jugs!

If you have any questions or comments about this article, please get in touch!  We always love to see pictures of your making and purchases of our products being used by you on our social media pages, so please do post any photos.  Find us on Facebook or Instagram.

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