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Christmas is just round the corner

Christmas is just round the corner

Each time I have visited a food shop recently I am reminded that Christmas is on its way, since the shelves are starting to fill up with gorgeous Christmas goodies! 

Here on the Rame Peninsula, the wild and stormy weather from last week has been replaced with sunny, cold, crisp autumn days.  The changing season has encouraged me to look out my warmest sweaters, light the fire and plan for the next few months. 

Villages of Kingsand and Cawsand on Rame Peninsula, Cornwall

This year, because of Covid, it's probably more difficult to plan ahead for Christmas, since we are unsure what the next couple of months will bring.  I've heard that some people have already got at least one turkey in the freezer - "not necessarily the turkey turkey", but a back up!

For me, it's more of a slow burn towards Christmas, I love spending time thinking about gifts for friends and family. 

Everyone is different though and it's apparent from our recent orders that, for some, the Christmas rush has begun!  In the studio yesterday, we began to create a bespoke three metre long table runner in our Christmas design for a client who is keen to make Christmas special this year for their family and friends.  Alongside the runner, they have ordered linen napkins and placemats ready for their Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Collection Placements

We do sometimes do get asked for special orders, particularly around Christmas.  It's one of the benefits of working with our small group of artisans who make our products by hand, here in Cornwall.  Everything is made with care and great attention to detail and if you do want something bespoke get in touch soon!

Christmas Collection Placemats and Napkin - natural

Thinking about our Christmas collection led me to consider what, for me, would be the essential elements of a beautiful Christmas table setting.    

I would generally start with a theme or colour scheme and then start to build up my tablescape to reflect this.

We usually have our meal later in the day, as the daylight fades, so candles and lighting are an important consideration.

I like to have greenery around the house and on the table.  Rosemary and bay leaves have a wonderful fragrance and holly, ivy and mistletoe are very traditional, natural Christmas decorations.

Sometimes it's fun to challenge your guests to fold the napkins!

Here is my guide to a fun Christmas tree napkin - oragami style, using a linen raspberry red napkin from our Naked Collection.

1. Start with a square napkin, preferably about 18" square and fold into four, so you end up with a smaller square.

2. Turn the square so that the point and loose ends are turned towards you.

3. Fold up each loose end of the square towards the point.

Christmas tree origami fold

 4. Carefully turnover.  Draw a line with your finger from the point at the top to the bottom line to find the centre and then fold each point towards the top edge, folding over each other. 

Napkin origami for Christmas Tree

5. Tuck in the point at the top and then turnover.

Origami for Christmas Tree Napkin

6. Lastly, tuck in each point under itself for a super tidy Christmas tree napkin!

Finished Christmas Tree Napkin folded

Delivery for Christmas

Whatever your plans for Christmas this year, remember that we are open for orders until 18 December for standard UK delivery, please see the web site for international and express dates and if you live locally, we have a click and collect process which is Covid secure.  

As the suns goes down on another glorious day, here's hoping for more days like this one. 

Sunset at Rame Head, Rame Peninsula, Cornwall, UK




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