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Zero Waste Collection Developed With Yogamatters

Zero Waste Collection Developed With Yogamatters

I was so pleased to speak with Michelle Klein, Commercial Director at Yogamatters, (photo below) a couple of months ago. What started as a discussion has resulted in an interesting collaboration, which I wanted to share with you.

Michelle Klein, Commercial Director at Yogamatters

Yogamatters was founded in 1996 with a desire to make yoga equipment accessible to all.  Building on their strong roots in the teaching community, Yogamatters have established an independent brand known for high quality, exceptional service and beautiful products. They offer over 2,500 products including; sustainably made yoga mats and props, meditation cushions, accessories and blankets.  Their loungewear clothing brand Gossypium is all designed and made in small production runs the UK.  

Their inclusive approach to yoga and community is reflected in the Yogmatters Values which are:

  • Accessibility – offering choice, whatever the budget, lifestyle or need
  • Responsibility – understanding their impact and commitment to people and planet
  • Knowledge – utilising community to share knowledge where they are not the experts
  • Collaboration – recognising that a true partnership is when there is equal gain
  • Community – built on family values and thriving on building connections

Michelle explained to me that Yogamatters had some surplus 100% linen bolster covers, in 3 beautiful colours, and were looking for a sustainable solution to repurpose these products. She had spotted us at a trade show a few years ago, really loved our linen products and sustainable ethos and wanted to discuss some options. She sent us some samples to see what we could do.

Mineral, Natural & Woodrose Bolsters from Yogamatters

The team and I discussed a range of ideas.  We agreed that it might be an interesting collaboration to re-purpose the stock into new products, to recycle and reuse the fabric to make something that was needed by the Yogamatters community as part of a zero-waste collection.  We produced some samples and sent them back to Michelle and her team for comments.

Cutting Mineral Linen to make samples for Yogamatters

Yogamatters loved the ideas and together we agreed to make Heat Bags filled with wheat, a Set of 3 Lavender Bags and some fabulous, Reversible Bucket Bags in Mineral and Woodrose, using the Natural linen as the lining material.

Sewing Heat Bags for Yogamatters in Woodrose Linen by Helen Round


Heat Bags are a wonderful way to relax.  They can be heated in the oven, on a radiator or in the microwave and then placed on tense or aching muscles to provide instant warmth.  Perfect for when you are feeling chilly, stressed, or suffering from tense muscles and aches.  A natural help therapy, they can be used again and again.

 Linen Heat Bags in Mineral & Woodrose from Yogamatters

Lavender Bags were an obvious next choice for the left-over fabric.  Lavender has a calming effect, reducing anxiety and helping to bring on sleep.  Lavender bags can be used for placing on your pillow to help you relax or for helping to scent your drawers and wardrobes, since aside from a lovely fragrance, it has the added benefit of repelling mosquitos, fleas, flies, and moths.  We’ve produced two different coloured lavender bags which come in sets of three.

Linen Lavender Bags in Mineral & Woodrose for Yogamatters from Helen Round

Lastly, we designed some great reversible bucket bags.  Perfect for yoga kit, shopping, or storing wool, mending, or anything that needs a roomy bag!  These lovely bucket bags are lined with natural linen and are available in either Mineral or Woodrose, beautiful calming colours.

Reversible Linen Bucket Bag in Woodrose for Yogamatters from Helen Round

It’s been fascinating and fun to work with another business to deliver an earth-friendly positive solution.  We’ve really enjoyed working with the team who clearly have genuine passion for delivering innovative solutions for their yoga business.

Michelle said, “We loved working with Helen and her team, it allowed us to put together a zero-waste collection with some new products that we know that our customers will love.”

For more information on Yogamatters and their yoga-based products, follow the link here

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