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How To Care For Your Linen Fabric

How To Care For Your Linen Fabric

How To Care For Your Linen Fabric

Linen fabric is a totally natural fibre and it comes from the Flax plant. It's really easy to look after and will get softer and softer as you use and wash it. Some people worry about the crinkles, but I say, embrace them.... it is what makes your linen beautiful and unique!! We use only pure 100% linen, grown, woven and dyed in Europe. We work with a small family provider with a lifetime of experience in the production of this wonderful fabric. All of our fabric is professionally dyed to our selected colour palette - choosing new colours is one of my favourite jobs

How to wash linen

Our linen is hand printed using water based inks. The fabric then undergoes a specialist heat treatment to preserve the print and make the product washable. All of our linen can be machine washed at 30 degrees or washed by hand. 

How to dry linen

Linen is best air dried and hung out whilst still damp. Placing on hanger can help to get rid of the crinkles and minimise any ironing! Linen can be tumble dried, but we advise low temperatures. Wherever possible, air dry - it helps to use less electricity and lessens our impact on the planet.
Do I need to iron linen?


Opinion is divided! If you love that crinkled look and would rather spend your time on other pursuits, then don't iron! If, however you love to iron, then all of our products can be ironed with a hot iron. We suggest ironing the print on the reverse to maintain its integrity. Ironing is one of those things you love or hate. If you belong to the latter camp, then this is your excuse not to iron!! 

Why we love linen

Linen, from the flax plant, grows without the need for harmful pesticides. It requires no extra irrigation and can survive perfectly well on rain water alone. It is one of the only fabrics that moths don't like, so no worries about it getting annoying little nibble holes in it (unlike cashmere and wool). Linen will last a long, long time and is fully compostable - a lovely way to recycle and return this fabric back to the earth.

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