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Find Out About Our Fresh Hair Idea Today!

Find Out About Our Fresh Hair Idea Today!

Have you let your hair grow longer in recent months?   I certainly have.  One of the downsides is that it takes much longer to dry and I find that too much use of a hair dryer can lead to uncontrollable frizz! 

I am really excited to launch a new product this week which helps with drying your hair and offers a nice bit of pampering self care too.

Helen Round

Introducing.. (with drum roll) our new Reusable Bamboo Hair Wrap Towel! 

 Reusable Bamboo Hair Wrap Towel by Helen Round

What is a Hair Wrap Towel (I hear you say)?

It's a specially designed bamboo wrap which you put over your hair after you've washed it.  The bamboo towelling is super absorbent and gently helps to soak up water from your hair into the turban.  The turban holds your hair in place, while you paint your nails, feed the cat or finish putting on your face!

Like all of our products, we've carefully thought about its environmental impact and so we have chosen to make it from eco-friendly, super soft bamboo towelling.

Unlike a traditional cotton towel, there's no need to rub your hair to dry it, so you avoid damaging your hair strands and cuticles.  This means less frizz, fewer tangles and it cuts down on drying time too.

The wrap is held in place with a smart wooden button at the nape of your neck, which means that it doesn't flop like a cotton towel or fall off so easily and it's much lighter too.

Reusable Bamboo Hair Wrap Towel

How To Use A Hair Wrap Towel

We've tried this Hair Wrap Towel out on a number of people with different hair lengths and everyone has found it fairly straightforward to use.  You might have already tried to do this with a cotton towel, which can move around a bit and fall off.  Here's how to put it on:

Step 1 - Lean over so that your hair falls forward.

Step 2 - Place the hair wrap towel over your head with the button at the back, nestled into the nape of your neck.  Tuck any hair at the sides into the towel.

Step 3 - Holding the ends of the towel nearest the floor, gently twist the towel so that it's tight, but doesn't pull your hair.  Then fold it back on itself and flip it over so that the ends of the towel come over the top of your head and towards your neck.

Step 4 - Secure with the smart wooden button at the nape of your neck.

It’s that easy!  

Why buy a special Hair Towel Wrap?

Here are some words and pictures which give you some more details:  

How to Use a Hair Wrap Towel

I absolutely love this product!  Here are the benefits we think it will bring to you.  It: 

  • soaks up water from your hair, so less drying time
  • there's no need to rub your hair, so less frizz and fewer tangles
  • stays in place while you finish your beauty routine
  • is quick drying and reusable
  • eliminates the need for a separate hair towel
  • can be used at home or out and about at the gym, spa, pool or the beach
  • is washable and reusable.
  • is Made in Cornwall.

I spoke to someone recently who thought that it would be great for the pool and the beach because it's so light to carry around.

While we are talking hair, here are a couple of other tips that I have picked up by talking to my long suffering hairdresser about hair care.  Read on...


Three Practical Hair Health Tips

Apart from adding a bamboo hair wrap towel to your hair care routine, there are a few other sustainable ways that I have picked up to improve your hair health.

1. Natural Pre Wash Hair & Scalp Conditioner

Use Coconut Oil as a pre-wash hair and scalp conditioner – gently warmit in your hands and massage into the scalp and hair.  Leave for 15-20 minutes before washing your hair normally with a natural shampoo.

2. Ditch the Plastic

Try a shampoo bar, as a plastic free alternative to liquid shampoo in a bottle – why not try our Lavender, Aloe and Lemon Shampoo Bar. Its an ultra gentle, nutrient-rich shampoo for natural shine & volume.

The natural shampoo soap bar fits neatly into our Eco Soap Bag to become the perfect travelling companion too.

 Lavender, Lemon & Aloe Shampoo Bar from Helen Round

3. Blow Dry Down Your Hair

If you do need to blow dry your hair, direct the air down the cuticle, away from your head, for smoother, shinier hair. Top tip from my hairdresser which definitely works and is worth spending the time!

I am really pleased to introduce our new Hair Wrap Towel as the latest addition to our Eco Collection.  Our whole Eco Collection is based on the principle of treading lightly on the earth.

The Collection consists of practical, reusable products for everyday use made from sustainable, soft bamboo and pure linen. Each piece of linen used in the new Eco Range is made up of offcuts from other products made here in our Cornish studios.  

Each product can be bought singly and some are also available in gift sets.

 Luxury Eco Collection Gift Set by Helen Round

I hope I've explained the thinking behind our latest lovely new product, the Reusable Bamboo Hair Wrap Towel and that you've found out a bit more about what it is, how to use it and whether it's the kind of product that you might find useful.  

We think these will be very popular for Christmas or other gift occasions and help to contribute to our ultimate goal of a Plastic Free Bathroom.

I'd love to hear your thoughts or comments on this product or any of the products in our range.  You can email me or post your comments on social media; find us on Facebook or Instagram.

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