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Did You Know That Linen Is Wonderful For Sewing?

Did You Know That Linen Is Wonderful For Sewing?

We love working with linen, it's such a flexible material and incredibly practical too. We choose to use linen because of its sustainable qualities, because it is long lasting and, as I found out recently is repellent to moths (such a relief as at least one half of my wardrobe is linen!).

A new delivery of linen brings with it the smell of the fields in summer. 

Bee Linen Throw from the Honey Bee Collection by Helen Round


Linen Is Natural & Sustainable

Linen is a natural fibre that is harvested from the flax plant. It requires no pesticides when growing and no extra watering apart from that which is gets from rainfall. All of the flax plant is've probably seen or maybe even bought flax seeds and flax oil; it's an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids. It is so great to see that more and more people are now taking time to make conscious decisions about what they buy and why. 

Linen improves with age and, in a world full of disposables, can last a lifetime.

Slate Grey Linen Cushion from the Hedgerow Collection by Helen Round

What Can You Make With Linen?

Almost anything!  We make a range of linen homeware, kitchenware and accessories including lampshades and cushions, table linens, bread bags, tea towels and aprons, pouches and much more! 

Striped Linen Bread Bag from the Striped Collection by Helen Round

We screen-print onto pure linen by hand, using traditional techniques with designs inspired by the Cornish countryside, coastline and fauna. All of our linen products are designed and produced in Cornwall. We make things that are made to last, are functional and beautiful. 

Range of Linen Products from Helen Round


Try A Sewing Project With Linen!

You may not know that you can buy our lovely linen fabric by the metre and also linen fabric scraps for craft or patchwork projects.

If you have any friends or family who are keen makers, then do let them know too, we'd love to share the opportunity as widely as possible.

Duck Egg Blue Linen Fabric from Helen Round

Fabric Scraps

You can also buy linen scrap boxes in either printed or plain linen.  They are just perfect for craft, patchwork or applique projects and allow us to use up all our scrap material in a sustainable way.

They're available in three weights; 100g, 250g and 500g. 

Printed Fabric Scraps Box from Helen Round

Each piece of scrap is a minimum of 5cm / 2 inches wide and either plain or hand printed in Cornwall with one of my designs.

You might be inspired by this lovely linen purse made by Jean in Australia from one of our scrap boxes, a great use of scraps!

 Linen Purse made from Printed Fabric Scrap Pack by Helen Round


Adorable Soft Toys Made From Linen

We've teamed up with the lovely Elena, a super talented soft toys sewing patterns designer.  She has used our fabric scraps to make some absolutely gorgeous linen toys. 

Elfi Little Things Soft Toys Made With Linen From Helen Round

Elena has some easy patterns on her Instagram account with video tutorials that you can download.  She also has others that she promotes herself through online stores like Etsy. Take a look at her posts on Instagram here or her Etsy patterns here

Duck made by Holly from Linen by Helen Round

This sweet duck was made by our apprentice Holly, who has to put together a complete project in three hours as part of her apprenticeship work.  Elena at Efi Little Things allowed her to use one of her patterns - we absolutely love it!


Why Not Start a Project?

I always have a few projects on the go.  If you are searching for a new project, and need a little inspiration then why not take a look at our free sewing patterns.  You can download them and buy linen and threads to make them from our online shop.  

Click here to go to Sewing Patterns.

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