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Stories from the Studio

Making Life Easier For You (Plus Choc Mousse Recipe)

Making Life Easier For You (Plus Choc Mousse Recipe)

Have you ever washed your face or brushed your teeth and got your hair in the way?  We have a solution which might help!

Our new, beautifully soft, bamboo headband is designed to keep your hair back from your face while you're cleansing, moisturising, applying make up or in the shower or bath.

Made of environmentally friendly, super soft bamboo, it simply wraps around your head and secures with velcro.  It's easy to use, adjustable and machine washable.  A great pampering alternative to nylon and plastic-based options and gentler on the environment.

 Bamboo Headband from the Eco Collection by Helen Round

It's so comfortable to wear and so useful that you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

This Bamboo Headband is the latest of our beautifully soft, bamboo Eco Bathroom products that help us to make the best use of the bamboo fabric that we have been cutting for other items.  Minimising waste fabric helps us all to tread lightly on the planet.

Bamboo Headband from the Eco Collection by Helen Round

Secure your hair with our new Bamboo Headband while you use our Reusable Bamboo Makeup Pads to remove make up or to cleanse gently and easily. Then try our Reusable Bamboo Face Cloth, great for washing and perfect as a facial steam cloth too.

 Reusable Bamboo Face Wipes Kit from the Eco Collection by Helen Round

You can find both make up pads and face cloth in our Reusable Bamboo Face Wipes Kit, a handy linen pouch, great for travelling which comes with a set of six make up pads and a face cloth.  The pouch can be hung up in your bathroom or neatly folded up for travelling with a sturdy tie to keep the make up pads and face cloth secure inside.


National Chocolate Mousse Day!

Did you even know that Chocolate Mousse Day was a thing?

Why not try this lovely recipe if you feel like indulging in chocolate either this weekend or around Easter or anytime.  This particular recipe serves eight and uses whole eggs which makes it a little bit quicker!

Chocolate Mousse Recipe from Helen Round

 Here's how...

  • Whip two cups of double cream to light peaks and put in the fridge to keep cool. 
  • Melt 250g of dark chocolate (60% cocoa solids) in a bowl over simmering water - don't let the bowl touch the water. 
  • Separately whip 4 large eggs and 2tbsp of sugar for about 10 mins until very thick and fluffy. 
  • Add 1/4 cup of hot coffee into the chocolate and mix vigorously. 
  • Stir in egg mixture and fold in whipped cream.  Pour into cups or a bowl and chill for 2 hours to set. 

Just delicious and great for parties too.. I hope you have a wonderful week. 

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