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How To Make A Rose Garland From Fabric Off-Cuts

How To Make A Rose Garland From Fabric Off-Cuts

Hello!  We've been having lots of fun in our Studio in the last few weeks.  We've been working out what we can do with our fabric off-cuts, to make the best use of the leftovers from our larger pieces of work.

Helen Round with Fabric Off-cuts planning to make a Rose Garland

As a sustainable business, it's important to us to reduce any waste from our making, as much as possible, as we work towards becoming a zero waste business. That's one of the reasons why we have created some products with fabric stuffing, like our lovely Reusable Eco Sponges and larger Draught Excluders.  We use every bit of excess material, often soft bamboo or scraps of linen, to ensure that we have absolutely no waste.

Linen Draught Excluders, in Leaf and Garden Designs from Helen Round

Before Christmas, we had so many downloads for our free pattern on How to Make A Christmas Card from fabric off cuts that we decided to find another use for our wonderful linen selvedges.

And so, with a bit of trial and error, our lovely Rose Garland was gradually created!

 DIY Fabric Rose Garland created using linen selvedges

It's a fun, creative project, which can be done in stages or while sitting down one evening.  It requires a little finger dexterity and some patience, but I am sure that you'll agree that it's really worth the effort.  As a no-sew craft project, it can be achieved without any sewing expertise!

Use this lovely fabric Rose Garland as a decoration around the house or as a beautiful ribbon, to wrap around a present.

Multi - coloured Linen Rose Garland hanging vertically from shelves

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You can use fabric and twine that you might have at home to make the Garland or if you'd like to use our linen selvedges and twine, we've put together a DIY Rose Garland Craft Kit which we will send out to you, with Free Postage in the UK.

DIY Rose Garland Craft Kit

If you purchase a DIY Rose Garland Craft Kit, then you will receive a downloadable pdf with the information relating to the video too.

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Happy Crafting! 

Please feel free to get in touch with us to share any comments that you might have on this article and we'd love to see you Rose Garland's so please feel free to post them on social media or send them into us.

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