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Exploring Wonderful Pure Linen Fabric

Exploring Wonderful Pure Linen Fabric

Why We Love Pure Linen Fabric

We were recently invited to take part in a national campaign to raise awareness of this wonderful fabric that has been around for centuries. The I Love Linen Campaign is a celebration of Europe’s most sustainable, innovative and local fabric. We chose to use linen because of its sustainable qualities, because it is long lasting and, as I found out recently is repellent to moths (such a relief as at least one half of my wardrobe is linen!). Linen is a natural fibre that is harvested from the flax plant. It requires no pesticides when growing and no extra watering apart from that which is gets from rainfall. All of the flax plant is've probably seen or maybe even bought flax seeds and flax oil..... a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids. It is so great to see that more and more people are now taking time to make conscious decisions about what they buy and why. The I Love Linen Campaign recently asked us to talk more about Helen Round and the provenance behind what we do.

Who is your customer? Our customers enjoy buying products that have provenance; are locally produced by artisans who love what they do; are made in small batch production with care; and have exceptional attention to detail.

What flax and/or linen items do you stock? We make a range of linen homeware, kitchenware and accessories including lampshades and cushions, table linens, bread bags, tea towels and aprons, tote bags, pouches, iPad cases and much more! What is your company’s chief characteristic? We screen-print onto pure linen by hand, using traditional techniques with designs inspired by the Cornish countryside, coastline and fauna. All of our linen products are designed and produced in Cornwall. We make things that are made to last, are functional and beautiful. Your company’s greatest achievement? We are proud that all of our manufacturing is done in house by a small team of highly experienced makers. Hand-printing of the products takes place in the studio, too. Our apprenticeship programme has given young people the opportunity to work in a creative and sustainable business that puts the environment and people first. Cornwall is a county with high levels of unemployment, particularly among young people and so it’s great to be able to offer this opportunity.

What is your company’s motto? We strive for zero waste and to create functional, enduring products that are part of a sustainable economy.

The best thing about flax/linen: A new delivery of linen brings with it the smell of the fields in summer. Most of all, we love the fact that a bread bag made of linen helps to keep bread fresh… it’s just something so simple that works.

What do you find most surprising about linen? People forget how incredibly practical it is. Linen improves with age and, in a world full of disposables, can last a lifetime.

How do you plan to use linen in the future? All of our products are made from linen. We will continue to expand our range of homeware and accessories, inspired by feedback from our customers. The popularity of our linen aprons have led us to explore the development of a range of linen clothing, which will debut in 2019

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