>Lavender Bags Pure Linen Set of Two

Lavender Bags Pure Linen Set of Two


A set of two beautiful linen lavender bags hand printed with the Garden Design.

Each has a little loop handy for placing over a hanger in your wardrobe or can be put between clothes in a drawer.

Available in Natural or Duck Egg Blue linen – choose your colour from the dropdown menu.


Lavender Bags in Pure Linen from The Garden Collection

These beautiful lavender bags are filled with British lavender.

Available in Natural or Duck Egg Blue linen.

Sold as a pair.

Approximate size – 11cm x 11cm

Try slipping one under your pillow to help with a peaceful nights sleep – the National Sleep Foundation say lavender has been shown to decrease heart rate and blood pressure, potentially putting you in a more relaxed state. In one study, researchers monitored the brain waves of subjects at night and found that those who sniffed lavender before bed had more deep sleep and felt more vigorous in the morning…..we would all like a bit of that!

About the Garden Collection – the design on the lavender bags is inspired by the cottage garden flowers that grow in Helen’s garden. It includes Alliums, Agapanthus, British Bluebells, Hollyhocks and Lupins.


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