Helen Round

Bread Board


These lovely organic wooden bread boards are great for chopping and cutting.  Made from rippled ash, sustainably sourced from the edge of Dartmoor, they're sealed with English Rape Seed Oil.  Every breadboard is subtly decorated with one honey bee motif, branded into the wood.

Each rustic, stylish breadboard has been hand-crafted by young Olympic Race BMX, under-14 National Champion, Ben Cornish.   Ben is a self funded athlete.  Your purchase will help him compete in the 2022 European Series to represent GB in the 2022 European & World Championships.  For some background on Ben and his ambitions, click this link.

Wood cutting boards are superior for their hard-wearing and self-healing properties, and their ability to preserve a knife edge.  Each beautiful board is individual since the grain and wood vary.

You can choose from either a straight edge or a natural edge which reflects the shape of the tree.

These lovely, chunky, organic boards are great for chopping or cutting fruit, vegetables, meat, bread, nuts without blunting your knife.

Easy to care for: wash with hot soapy water.  Occasionally rub with oil to keep the wood supple.

Dimensions:  29 cm long x 20 cm wide by 4.5cm deep.