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Christmas Napkins Pure Linen - Seconds

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Christmas Napkins from The Christmas Collection - Seconds

*With a slightly imperfect print*

Every now and then we spot a few imperfections in our hand-printing. Whether a small ink smudge or a design printed a little too faintly, these pieces don't make it into our final selection so we’ve added them to our sale. This is a great opportunity to buy slight seconds at significantly reduced prices, please do watch the video below to find out more:

Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns on any sale items.


Perfect for your Christmas table setting, dress your table with these beautiful linen napkins featuring a hand printed design from our Christmas Collection inspired by twists of classical winter foliage. 


An eco-friendly alternative to single use paper, the linen napkins can be machine washed at 30 degrees and enjoyed year after year. 

These beautiful pure linen Christmas napkins are finished with a simple stitched hem and make a lovely table setting when matched with our linen placemats.

These napkins are sold as SINGLES.

Linen napkins are also available in Garden, Quayside, Honey Bee and Coastal collections.

Linen is a natural fabric which gets softer as you wash it. It is great for repelling stain and is the perfect fabric for kitchen and dining.

Napkins measures 46cm x 46cm

100% linen

Machine washable at 30 degrees

Hand Printed and Made in Cornwall

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About the Christmas Collection – Helen says, “I loved designing this collection - Christmas is, for me, a time for decoration. I love filling the house with twists of holly, ivy, twinkly lights and a sprig of mistletoe.  The fresh smell of cut greenery is one that seems uniquely reserved for this special time of year. Our new Christmas Collection features classical winter foliage. Traditionally used at Christmas time they were believed to have magical properties and signify the changing of season and coming of Spring”.

Interestingly…. The word napkin is derived from nappe (French for cloth or tablecloth) combined with the suffix kin (meaning little) and is defined as a small piece of cloth or paper, usually square, used while eating for protecting the clothes and wiping the fingers or lips.