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Sustainable Student Gift Ideas

Sustainable Student Gift Ideas

Sustainable Student Gift Ideas 

We have selected a collection of eco-friendly sustainable student gift ideas for those setting off to university or college this month.
Whether they're going back for their final year or leaving home for the first time, these gifts will help students do their bit to save the planet and live a more sustainable life at university.

Reusable Sandwich Wraps and Snack Bags

The first of our sustainable student gift ideas will make it easy for students to skip the plastic when grabbing a snack before dashing out to lectures. Our Reusable Sandwich Wraps and Snack Bags keep a pack lunch fresh and secure, a sustainable alternative to cling-film and single use bags.
The Reusable Sandwich Wraps and Snack Bags will also help them to stay healthy and save money, removing the temptation to pick up a sugary treat on the go! And avoid the plastic bag rustle when sneaking snacks in a long lecture, with our quieter linen alternatives.
Both made using pure linen with a waterproof lining, they are easy to clean, machine washable at 30 degrees.
And why not team with a coffee? We love this reusable cup by Cornish company A Short Walk, made using recycled coffee cups!

Reusable Make Up Pads and Face Wipes

Help students to make the switch from single use face wipes to reusable ones.
A brilliant eco alternative, our Reusable Bamboo Make Up Pads and Face Cloths are great for removing last night’s makeup.
Beautifully soft and naturally anti-bacterial, the bamboo wipes are also a much more effective addition to a cleansing routine than disposable wipes.
We also offer a handy linen pouch set for the wipes. They make lovely leaving gifts and will hopefully encourage your student to come home and visit for the weekend!

Shampoo Bars

An eco-friendly student bathroom essential, our handmade shampoo bars remove the need for single use plastic bottles. Not only do they have a smaller carbon footprint that bottled shampoo, they are also 100% natural, made without SLS, Parabens or Palm Oil.
Made with olive, avocado and coconut oils, the shampoo bar will keep your student's hair looking fresh for fresher's week and beyond!
And help them keep the shared student bathroom tidy teaming the Shampoo Bar with our Eco Soap Bag, linen with a waterproof lining. Linen is great at drying (think linen tea towels), so this soap bag quickly absorbs moisture from soap and helping to protect the bathroom from drips and slime!

Linen Tote Bag

Send them off with one of our Tote Bags so they can ditch the plastic bags when embarking on the weekly shop. The roomy Tote Bag features a handy double pocket and over the shoulder straps, perfect for piling high with student shopping essentials... baked beans anyone?
The durable Tote Bag will outlive a plastic bag for life seeing your student through their campus years.


And finally, surely the best thing about the start of a new term has to be... stationery! Upgrade their school pencil case to one of linen pouches, perfect for keeping shiny new pens and pencils safe and ready for action.
The Pencil Cases are made using studio off cuts of linen fabric. We currently recycle and reuse as much fabric as possible, sending any of our smaller fabric scraps to local schools for crafting projects.
You could also treat them to our beautiful hand printed notebooks
. With plain white paper pages on one side and ruled on the other, they are great for taking notes and making sketches.

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