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Home is where the Art is..

Home is where the Art is..

There's something magical about children's drawings, isn't there?  Uninhibited, with a magic and a simplicity that certainly sets off in me a chain of emotional feelings and memories.

Children drawing inspired by nature

 With this in mind, we would love to receive drawings from any children you know, as part of an exciting competition that we are running here at Helen Round.

Here's what you need to do to take part:-

  • Enter a line drawing, on the theme of "Inspired by Nature" - this could be boats, shells, insects, birds, leaves, animals - anything really
  • The drawings will need to be in black felt tip, no larger than A4 with no writing, just line drawings
  • The competition is for children aged four to eleven years old.

Full details of how to enter can be found here.

Three winners will have their designs screen printed onto a sandwich wrap and a snack bag, in a colour of their choice, from our linen range.  The products will be produced specially for them by our team of skilled local makers. 

Helen Round Snack Bag in Raspberry Red and Sandwich Wrap in Neutral

Before I set up my own business, one of my previous jobs was running art weeks in primary schools throughout Devon and Cornwall.  It was usually around a theme chosen by the school, like diversity or happiness. 

I absolutely loved the uninhibited, magical quality of children's art. 

Child drawing for "Inspired by Nature" Competition

Every so often, usually when I'm clearing out a cupboard at home, I still come across my children's artwork.  If often captures a moment in time, which pulls at my heart strings and depending on my mood, can make me cry or laugh, always with joy!

For me, art and particularly drawing is a means of expressing my inner thoughts and feelings and allowing me to observe, capture and share what I am seeing all around me.

I always have a sketch book with me and still spend hours at the kitchen table drawing and designing for our collections.

Helen Round Sketch

 I translate my sketch book scribbles into fine line drawings and then into designs for our linen textiles.

My inspiration is our countryside and coastline surrounding us here in Cornwall.

I'd love to see, through art, what aspect of nature is inspiring our young people today.  I am excited about translating these line drawings onto our beautiful, simple, functional products, which are eco friendly and tread lightly on the earth.  

I'm also hopeful that this will help children who take part to understand more clearly how a simple line drawing can be translated onto a product, which can be handmade and produced locally.  Maybe for some it might inspire them that their skills and passion can help fuel a successful business of their own.

 For more information click here.

I am really looking forward to receiving all the drawings and I shall certainly be sharing them with you on our Instagram and Facebook accounts so be sure to follow us to see them all as they arrive. 



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