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FREE Linen Bistro Apron Pattern

FREE Linen Bistro Apron Pattern

FREE Linen Bistro Apron Pattern

The Sewing Bee is Back!!

To celebrate the launch of the new 2016 series of the Great British Sewing Bee on Thursday 5th May, we have developed a lovely new pattern for a linen bistro apron, which is FREE to download on our website. Easy to make, even for the novices amongst you, all you need is a sewing machine, a few pins, thread, a sharp pair of scissors and a metre of linen fabric. The linen fabric is available in our online shop and is the perfect weight for the apron. Choose from 6 lovely linen colours; raspberry (as shown above), natural, blue, cowslip, orange and navy. Great to wear in the kitchen and the garden, the apron has nice long ties and a handy pocket. We had great fun here in the studio devising the pattern and taking the photographs for the step by step guide of what to do and when. We are great fans of the Sewing Bee and can't wait to meet the new contestants and pick out a winner (sweepstakes will be taking place!) This is one of those programmes that my daughter and I always make time to watch together and marvel at just how the contestants manage to stitch such wonderful creations (or sometimes not so wonderful...) in such a short space of time, and all under the watchful eye of the BBC camera crew!!

Click Here For Your Free Pattern

Once you've made your linen apron, do send us your pictures ....we would love to see them. You can add them to the Facebook or email us. HAPPY SEWING! 

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