>Christmas Bread Pudding Recipe

Christmas Bread Pudding Recipe

Bread bread pudding and cornish cream

Bread Pudding Recipe

There are those lovely old recipes that have been passed down through generations and this is certainly one of them. I’ve adapted it a little bit to give it an added boozy touch and a festive feel. Serve it with a dollop of thick clotted cream or equally delicious eaten on it’s own.

I have lovely memories of my Nana in her kitchen making bread pudding. It was always my job to sprinkle the sugar on the top. The test was to then try and keep as much sugar on the top of the pudding as you took your first bite! The recipe, now passed on to my Mum is a cake tin staple, moist and full of fruit, it is definitely a winter time favourite.


500g of bread (I use whatever is left over in the bread bag.. it doesn’t have to be fresh!)

500g dried fruit

100g glace cherries

1tsp dried cinnamon

Couple grates of nutmeg

600g milk (can be soy or cows milk)

100g melted butter

2 eggs

3tbsp sweet sherry

150g sugar (I use muscovado but can be any)

Demerara sugar for sprinkling on top!

bread pudding recipe

How to……

  • Place the bread in a large bowl and tear up into bite size chunks. I use a pair of scissors and randomly chop!
  • In a jug, beat the eggs well, add in the milk and combine.
  • Pour the beaten egg and milk mixture over the bread.
  • In a separate bowl, add the dried fruit and whole cherries, then pour over the sherry or alcohol of choice. Give it a good stir.

Leave both the bread and the fruit to absorb the liquids for an hour or two.

  • Combine the well soaked bread and fruit.
  • In a small pan, melt the butter and sugar. Pour over the bread and fruit mixture and stir well.
  • Grease and line a square baking tin. I use my brownie tin for this…. approx 20cm square.
  • Tip the mixture into the lined tin, push down firmly and sprinkle with the demerara sugar.

Bake at 180 degrees, gas 4 for about 95minutes. Check after an hour to make sure that the top isn’t burning. If it’s looking a bit brown, cover with foil.

Once cooked…it’ll be firm and golden in colour, remove from the oven and cut into squares.

Serve warm with a big dollop of Roddas Cornish Cream – delicious!

bread pudding fruit and sherry
bread pudding mixture

Why not try our very easy, Cornish Hevva Cake …..another delicious traditional recipe perfect for eating with cream!!

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