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30 05, 2017

Walking The Rame Peninsula – Inspiration For The Rame Head Collection

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Living in Cornwall definitely has its benefits! Yes, we are miles away from big cities and major airports but being able to step outside your front door and enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in the world (ok..I’m biased), is just one of the things I love about living here.


All of my drawings, my collections, are inspired by the landscape that surrounds the studio. My first ever collection, The Rame Head Collection came from countless walks in and around Whitsand Bay, a little bit of Cornwall often forgotten, its steep cliffs dotted with chalets, which were once retreats for Plymouth people during wartime, and are now permanent homes to locals with some available as holiday rentals!

The amazing golden beach stretches out before you, with Tregantle at one end and Polhawn at the other… the left of Polhawn sits Rame Head. This whole coastline is part of the Cornish footpath and is well trodden by locals and visitors alike. Climbing down the cliff, arduous in places, is well worth the effort for a day on the beach…where sometimes, in the quieter months, there is only a seagull or two for company!

My children have been climbing the cliff since they were babies….urged on by the sight of the sea, sandcastle making and a swim. The journey home, back up the cliff required more encouragement, tired at the end of a long day, their little legs were spurred on by the idea of jelly beans doled out at every bend in the path!

Another steep climb, but, oh, so worth it, is the ascent to the little chapel on Rame Head. Dedicated to St Michael the chapel was first licensed in 1397 and is on the site of a much earlier and ancient, Celtic hermitage. Views from the top are breathtaking and on a clear, calm day you can see for miles….a prominent landmark to sailors and fisherman alike and often the last piece of land they see leaving England and the first they see when returning home….a truly magical place and loved by so many.

From Rame Head, you can walk east to Penlee and on to the villages of Kingsand and Cawsand or west, tracing the path along the cliffs of Whitsand Bay. Next to the car park at Rame Head, is home to a volunteer National Coastguard lookout station. If you visit, do pop in and say hello to the people who work there…got to be one of the best working views in the country!!

There are so many beautiful walks around this little bit of Cornwall, ‘the forgotten corner’ and if you haven’t already managed a visit, I would really recommend you add it to your ‘to do’ list.

We would love to hear about your favourite Cornish walk… please do comment below…..

Rame Head Linen Tea Towel Helen Round

22 05, 2017

Exclusive Collection for Urban Flowers

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Being an avid gardener I was delighted when, late last year, I received a telephone call from garden designer and florist, Carolyn Dunster. She had seen my work at the Great Cornish Food Store whilst holidaying in Truro, Cornwall and wondered if we would create an exclusive collection of products to accompany the launch of her new book, Urban Flowers.


Keen to create a collection just perfect for both urban and rural gardeners alike, Carolyn asked us to make three beautiful and very functional products; a cache pot, a gardeners apron and a lovely bag. In Slate Grey linen and hand printed with our Hedgerow design, these products are now available on her website where you can also find details of her new book.

Printing the fabric for the linen bag

Placing the pocket on the Gardener’s Apron

Although not an urban gardener (sometimes I feel more like a ‘guerrilla gardener’!), I have really enjoyed reading Carolyn’s book, with its beautiful photography and a wealth of practical gardening tips for gardeners of all levels. I know it will be one of those books that I constantly refer to. I especially love the way in which the plants are arranged in colour palettes and the book has enabled me to identify plants that I have in the garden, whose names I was never sure of.

Cache pot..ready for their plant pots

Whether your style is ‘rurban’ (for city dwellers who dream of gardening in a rural location), classic or contemporary, this book is full of little gems. I have always been a seed harvester, but now know how to make ‘seed bombs’, a great way of mixing varieties to create a group of flowers that look as if they have self sown naturally! I’ve also created a fantastic herb wall which now hangs on the balcony right outside my kitchen – all very easy to do projects – but sometimes in our busy lives, someone needs to just show us how.

A selection of further projects described in Urban Flowers

Thank you Carolyn for this wonderful book; I’ve bought my glycerin to make a preserved wreath in the Autumn!……but let’s not wish away the magical summer months……I’m off to tackle the weeds, prepare a new planting ground for a purple and blue Autumn palette….I’m loving the idea of Monk’s Hood, Fountain Grass and Salvia.

Visit Urban Flowers

Linen Cache Pot

Linen Gardening Apron

Linen Bag

3 05, 2017

Bread For Body And Soul

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As many of you know, I am a keen baker and a big sourdough convert!

Sourdough really is simple. I make my loaf before I go to bed, leave it on the side to prove overnight then put it in the oven when I wake. The making takes less than 10 minutes and the baking about 30 minutes…the waiting is the hardest part….we all know that hot bread, straight from the oven gives you indigestion!!

You can buy sourdough almost anywhere now…supermarkets have finally caught on to our need for more than just sliced white (thank goodness), but nothing beats a loaf from an artisan bakery or even better, warm from your own oven. Don’t be put off by the idea of a ‘starter’ or the thought of kneading for hours….find yourself a good recipe and you’ll wonder why you didn’t take it up earlier.

If that all feels like too much…..most places now have small independent bakeries where they can buy beautiful fresh bread in many guises. We are lucky to have a lovely bakery such as this, just a short distance away and their bread is so popular you need to order it to ensure yourself of a loaf! We visited recently and managed to catch Chris just popping his beautiful loaves in the oven….take a look….

A bit further away from home, but of interest to our USA followers, do check out Breadtopia. Based, in Fairfield, Iowa (about as breadbasket as America gets), Denyce, Eric and their family are self confessed ‘bread freaks’! They, like us, believe that ‘home made bread, fresh from the oven, feeds your body and soul like no other food’, and work really hard to promote home baking.

We are delighted to be working with Breatopia and have recently shipped out a collection of linen bread bags, aprons and tea towels which they now sell in their shop. Do check out their website and if you are in need of a ‘no-knead’ bread recipe they have the perfect one. As for sourdough, I tried this no-knead sourdough recipe at the weekend and it worked really well. There’s even a video to help you along! They also have a great blog and an amazing forum where recipes are shared. It is one of those websites that you can spend hours perusing and really get lost in…perfect while you are waiting for your just baked loaf to cool! Do make sure you visit their tutorial page too….there is a great video for sourdough pizza…perfect for soon to be summer picnics. All in all, a really fabulous find and great to connect with a family business who are passionate about artisan bread making and are working really hard to ensure that ‘baking perfect bread at home is available to everyone’.


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